ICWA Awareness Seminar on 'Democratizing Democracy'

ICWA Awareness Seminar on 'Democratizing Democracy'

The seminar was held at Magadh Mahila College on 15th February 2012. The resource persons were Shahida Khanum, Aruna Choudhary, Poonam Kumari, Nandini Mehta and Neerja Lal

The programme commenced with a brief introduction of ICWA after which the resource persons set about the task of briefing students about the topic, 'Democratizing Democracy'. Questions were then put up to the students for group discussion. After some initial hesitation the students warmed up to the discussion, so that what followed was an interesting interactive session.

Conclusions reached after discussion :

Indian civil society is now more than ever aware of its rights. It is aware of its power to change things. Anna Hazare, Medha Patekar were the names that kept cropping up in this regard.

The youth of our country should take an active interest in politics to make our leaders more accountable and make way for efficient governance. Political apathy must be shunned. We cannot leave everything to those in power.

Every citizen must value its right to vote and use it with enough wisdom.

RTI is an empowering tool in the hands of the common man.

Electoral reforms were needed.

Quality education and not merely education is the need of the hour.

Self transformation alone can bring about a transformation in the society.
Be an example to others to change them for the better.