A wedding, more than any other event in life, as we have all experienced, means JOYFUL CELEBRATION - and the preparations, together with the celebrations that follow, continue for days. Why ? Because the union of a man and woman in marriage means two wonderful things : LOVE and NEW LIFE. Everyone is so happy for the couple, that we all join enthusiastically in their joy.

1. Read the following paragraph silently and reflect on the statements that follow it ( Take full 15 minutes or more) :

Sex is a wonderful blessing given to us by the Lord that serves to express intimacy between a man and a woman. The sexual relation is properly expressed only in marriage, between a husband and wife. Any sexual contact between unmarried people is sinful, since it violates God's design.

God says (Gen : 2:24) that when a man and a woman get married, they become one flesh. Thus, the expression of physical union or the sexual act (that is, the introduction of the penis of the man into the vagina of the woman) in an act of love has a spiritual aspect to it. "The two become one flesh", which means that the sexual relation is a sacred experience. The sexual union is God-ordained and God-given and must be experienced in a godly way within marriage. God's design and purpose for sex is that it be an act of love to provide pleasure, companionship, intimacy and blessing for the spouses, and to bring forth childern.

Thus, the act of pro-creation, that is, the sexual act, in human beings, is meant to be an act of love, since it is a sharing in the creative action of God himself, which is one of love. For this reason, this act is, for the couple, the highest way of expressing love and God has attached to it a bliss which is unimaginable.

Reflect seriously on the following statements :

  • Marital fidelity, that is, faithfulness in marriage, means avoiding physical sexual activity of any kind, including fantasies (thoughts, imagination) even before marriage, that is, keeping onself "pure", for the partner who will come into one's life some day.

  • What is morality in the area of sex and marriage ? This depends on 3 questions : Who is the author of sex and marriage ? What is his purpose here ? How will my behaviour affect others, besides myself, involved in my marriage, that is, my partner and our childern ? Based on these questions, we see that the following activities are not permissible - solitary sex, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, infidelity, divorce, abortion (including most artificial methods of family planning).

2. Marriage and family life are the basic unit of every society and they are of the greatest importance to all. A society is healthy, stable, energetic and imbued with moral values in proportion to the measure in which families possess these qualities. A nation can be strong, even if it sustains crushing economic and political burdens, so long as its families are strong. Healthy marriages and good stable family life must be the concern of every civic-minded person. Even if a nation has material wealth and political status, it can be crumbling away, if its families are falling apart and riddled with moral decay.

Assaults on Marriage and the Family are on the increase. The present-day media, with an eye to increase its circulation in the market, is over-enthusiastic about highlighting a culture of domination, corruption, injustice, and discrimination, as if everything today is revolving round sex and violence. The sacredness of marriage and intimate relationships between partners, parents and children are dwindling. Gender bias and traditional patriarchal norms of social behaviour are reinforced by disastrous and painful ruptures in the sacred relationship of marriage and family life. As a result, marginalization and exclusion of women, embodying a value system of clear preference of sons to daughters, depletes the moral and ethical fabric of our society. Moreover, sex is not a subject that parents are discussing with thier children at home or teachers with their students. The children are left to learn it from other sources, most of which provide only partial and unhealthly information.

Group Discussion followed by Class Sharing :

  • Is this a true picture of our Indian society today ? What are our problems with regard to it ?

  • What are the causes of these problems ? Who is responsible for them ?

  • What needs to be done about this solution ? Who should do it ?

  • What can we, as college students, do to help our society in this area of family life ?

  • Write down what you, as an individual, can do to improve the quality of family life around you.

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