Important Events :-

World Literacy Day Celebrations:

Mr. Amarjit Sinha, Principal Secretary, Education, Bihar, and Dr. Anita Verma were special guests; Mrs Indu Agarwal and Mrs Veena Gupta, Lions’ Club, Patna Central; Sister Lily D’Souza, Provincial Superior, Apostolic Carmel, Northern Province; Sister Reema, Local Superior, Avila Convent, Patna; Sister Marie Jessie, Principal, Patna Women’s College; Sisters; ICWA Core Group members; ICWA Alumni, parents, children and friends. A very good evening to you and a very warm welcome. We are very happy to have you with us today. Mr Amarjit Sinha has been helping us very concretely and in a big way with educational materials. His wife, Dr Anita Verma, a medical doctor and a member of ICWA, has been of great assistance in the programmes ICWA organizes for the women of the women’s colleges of Patna. The Ladies of the Lion’s Club, Patna Central ,have donated prizes for the items and refreshments for 600 children for today’s programme.

Today’s function is of an unusual type. You may have been dismayed when you saw the long programme. Actually, each item is of very short duration. Our aim in this programme has been to train the children in self-reiance, creativity and organization. Hence, the items have been brought up by the children themselves, with a minimum of help from those in over-all charge. The groups into which they are divided for daily supervised study, were each given an ICWA value as the topic for their skit. They were permitted the help of their study group instructor only. These instructors are either from Patna Women’s College Hostel or ICWA children who have completed school and are now in college. We call them ICWA Alumni.

I hope you will enjoy the function.