Corpus :

A cherished dream - makiing of a Corpus - was finally realized and announced officially on 29 th April 2011 at the Silver Jubilee Function of ICWA. The first contribution of Rs. 50,000/- had come in 2003 from Ms. Rashmi Verma and her friends in the U.S.A. in memory of Priyadarshini Verma, mother of Rashmi Verma.

The second contribution of Rs.4,60,000/- has come in 2011 from late Mrs. Maria Pinto (Sister Carolís sister) of U.K who left the amount in her will for the purpose.

The committee of three colleges had done its work and they decided that, rather than break up the committee, it should be made the nucleus of an Inter College Women`s Association.

Mrs. Maria Pinto