History :


The Inter College Women`s Association has been working in the field of women`s development and empowerment since 1987 and has achieved significant success in its various endeavours....

This is how it started……….

In July 1987, two university women, Ruby and Ragini, were murdered by their husbands. The women`s colleges of Patna joined in protest against such atrocities. Patna Women`s College took the lead and a committee of teachers of three colleges was formed. They organized a march, in which hundreds of teachers and students of several women`s colleges and other institutions of Patna walked through rain and slush to register their protest. They carried on the agitation for some weeks, till the police had arrested both the husbands and had, in one case, changed what was declared a suicide case into a murder case.

The committee of three colleges had done its work and they decided that, rather than break up the committee, it should be made the nucleus of an Inter College Women`s Association.

Our Aims Are……….

I. Personality development of young women students, and
II. Reaching out to and helping the wider society of women and children.

For Personality Development of young women students, we work towards

(i)Inculcating in them self-confidence, self-esteem and leadership qualities.
(ii) Making them conscious of and sensitive to their social milieu and the problems of women and children, especially girlchildren.

We have undertaken the following activities for personality development:

1. Inter College Socio-Cultural Athletic meets.
2. Social Awareness and Personality Development Programmes.

We reach out to help the wider society of women and children through projects for

  • Literacy
  • Special (Remand)Homes
  • Low Income Group Women
  • Social Support Group