Inter College Programmes : held in Patna Women's College, except where otherwise mentioned.

Inter College Socio-Cultural Athletic meets

In order to achieve the twin aims of :

bringing about friendliness and solidarity among the thousands of staff and students of various women’s colleges of Patna, and inculcating self confidence and leadership qualities in the students
ICWA has organized several socio-cultural athletic activities right from its inception. These have included drama, debates, poster exhibitions and contests in dancing, singing and other arts.

Impact and Outcome :

  • Improving standards
  • High Confidence Level among student parctipants
  • Solidarity and Increased Interaction among teachers and students of Women’s Colleges
Members of the Project:

All Teacher Members of the Association.

Programmes held Down the Years :

Inter College Drama Contests :

1989 : One Act Play Contest on ‘The Indian Woman in Today’s Society’
1992 : Skit Contest on the ‘Girl Child’.
1996 : One Act Play Contest on ‘Women's Issues’ by Boys of Don Bosco, St. Michael's and Loyola Schools.
1999 : Inter College Hindi One Act Play Contest on ‘Women's Issues’.

Inter College Painting / Sketching / Handicraft Contests :

1991 : Sketching and Fabric Painting Contest
1993 : July- Painting (Water Colour) and Sketching Competition
         August- Fabric Painting Contest
1995 : Fabric Painting and Embroidery Contest
1995 : Handicraft Contest and Exhibition

Inter College PosterExhibition/ Slogan Contest :

1988 : Poster Exhibition -on ‘Women's Issues’ Poster Exhibition on ‘Plight of the Girl Child and Oppression of Women;
1989 : Poster Contest on "Woman, Law and Society“.
1991 : Poster Contest on ’Women’s Issues’.
1992 : Poster Exhibition on the Girl Child’.
1993 : Inter School Ornamental Slogan Contest on the Girl Child, Literacy, Juvenile Justice and Education to the Underprivileged
1995 : Poster Contest on (i)"Women in the 21st Century : A Vision" , and (ii)"Towards the 21st century: Women – Agents of Social Change".
1998 : Poster Exhibition on ‘Women’
2001 : Poster and Model Contest and Exhibition

Inter College Debates / Speech Contests :

1990 : Debate on "The Education System Today caters not to Real Learning but to Ambition”
1991 : Elocution Contest
1994 : Extempore Speech Contest . Venue - Magadh Mahila College .
1995 : Extempore Speech Contest Venue – J.D. Womens College.
2001 : Extempore Speech Contest and Hindi Debate.Venue- Sri Arvind Mahila College.
2008 : Speech Contest on 'Women in 2020'- Avila Convent.

Inter College Song Contests :

1989 : Group and Solo Song Contest
1991 : Song Contest
1992 : Group Song Contest. Venue- Magadh Mahila College .
1996 : Antakshari Contest
2000 : Patriotic Song Contest
2002 : Folk Song Contest. Venue- Sri Arvind Mahila College.
2004 : Antakshari.
2009 : August- Antakshari Contest- Sristi of Radio Mirchi was the anchor.
2009 : December - Folk Song Contest

Inter College Dance Contests :

1989 : Group and Solo Dance Contest
1992 : Folk Dance Contest
1995 : Folk Dance Contest
2000 : Patriotic Dance Contest
2005 : Holi Dance Festival

Inter College Quiz Contests :

1991 : Quiz (Prelim) : Quiz (Final) .
1993 : Quest '93. Inter School Quiz Contest for creating awareness among schoolchildren towards social issues
1994 : Quest'94.Inter School and College Quiz Contest
1995 : Khel'95–Quiz-cum-Games Contest, which included dumb charades, antakshari, quiz, guess the character and "what's the good word“
1998 : (i)QuizContest (ii)Quiz Contest on Women's Issues
2005 : Dumb Charade Contest
2008 : Quiz on Women Achievers

Inter College Fresh Flower And Salad Arrangement Contest :

1998 : Fresh and Dry Flower and Salad Arrangement Contest. Venue - J.D. Womens College.
1999 : Flower Arrangement Contest. Venue - J.D. Womens College.
2001: Fresh Flower and Salad Arrangement Contest. Venue: Sri Arvind Mahila College
2010: Flower Arrangement Contest . Venue- J.D. Womens College.

Inter College Rangoli / Alpana Contests :

1995 : Inter College Rangoli Contest.Venue : RPM College .
1997 : Inter College Rangoli and Alpana Contest. Venue : J.D. Womens College.

Inter College Fancy Dress Contest :

1998: Fancy Dress Contest onBridal Couples of India and Great Women
2000: Fancy Dress Contest on the theme ‘Women’
2002: Fancy Dress Contest on the theme ‘Outstanding Women’

Inter College Essay /Creative Contest :

1993: EssayWriting and Poetry Composition Contest
1994: Story Writing Contest
1997: Short Story Writing Contest

Speacl Programmes :

28 Aug -09 Sept. 1989 – SOCIO CULTURAL FESTIVAL – . Chief Guest at Inaugural Function: Chief Minister, Sri S.N. Sinha
15 – 31 Jan.1991 – INTER COLLEGE CULTURAL FESTIVAL : Chief Guest at Inaugural Function: Development Commissioner, Sri Arun Pathak.Chief Guest at Valedictory Function: Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Mr s. Sudha Srivastava
15 Feb. 1996- Inter College Personality Contest .
24 Feb. 1996- Open Air Programme. Chief Guest : Governor, H.E. Dr. A.R.Kidwai.
24 August 1997- ICWA 10th Anniversary Function, Chief Guest was Mrs. Sharda Vedalankar.
05 Oct.1999- Dowry Programme -a Musical Audio Visual Show.
16 Nov.2003- Release of ‘Waves’ by Governor, H.E. Sri Rama Jois. Mementos were given to ICWA members by Ms. Jean Gough, Director UNICEF.
02 April 2008- 20th Anniversary Function- The function included a Power Point Presentation on ICWA, a dance drama and the release of the Souvenir.

Sports Meets :

07 - 14 Feb 1990: Inter College Team Tournaments in Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton.
15 – 31 Jan.1991 : Inter College Team Tournaments.
06 - 09 Jan 1992:Inter College Sports Meet.
03 -March 1993: Inter College Open Air Pogrammes . Presided over by the Governor of Bihar H.E. Dr A.R.Kidwai
18 -Feb 1994: Inter College Open Air Programme.
1996:Open Air Programme. Chief Guest : Governor, H.E. Dr. A.R.Kidwai.